What Makes A Good Wardrobe Work?

Are you the kind of person who has a closet full of clothing, but nothing to wear? The main reason you have nothing to wear, is that nothing in your closet fits with anything else. What you need is mix and match clothing in neutral colors, so you can get more wear out of what you already have.

Looking Your Best.

Do you want to look your best, but have a less than perfect body? Guess what! Nobody is perfect, even models have flaws, they just know how to enhance their assets so you don’t notice their flaws. Looking your best is all about creating the right balance with the color and shape of your clothing. When you click on the text links on the home page to go to the catalog pages, you’ll find more fashion tips that can help you find the clothing styles that work best for you.

Finding Your Own Style:

Finding your own style is easy. Let your creativity flow and combine the pieces any way you can imagine, or let the pictures inspire you (click on text links on the home page). You can even order dresses, pants and skirts in your most flattering length, and pick the neckline you prefer on the tunics.


The good thing about being able to order skirts and pants in the length that you want, is that the right skirt length can show off the very best part of your legs. Here are a few tips you can use to decide what would work best for you:

Short Legs :

try a short skirt above the knee, or choose a long skirt and wear it with high healed shoes. Stay away from midcalf lengths, and from anything that has a low waistline.

Shapely Calves:

show them off beautifully by choosing a skirt length that stops right below the knee. Avoid midcalf lengths.

Thin Legs

Mid calf length is your best choice. If the skirt stops at the roundest part of the calf, it makes them look more shapely.
Large calves, thick ankles – A long skirt is your most flattering option.

Long, Lean Legs

Any length will work for you.


I am also offering a choice of necklines on the tunics, since the right neck opening can help enhance your best assets. The neck opening needs to complement your neck, waist and bust size, so here are a few tips on choosing the right one for you:
Deep scoop – This option visually lengthens a short neck and makes a big bust look less obvious.
U-neck – This option will also visually lengthen a short neck and make wide shoulders look less dominant.
Wide scoop – This option works with any size neck. It also works well for long waisted people with a small bust.
Boat neck – This option works for long waisted people with long necks, and is also a good option if your shoulders are round or sloping.

Solid Colors Or Hand painted Clothing:

You will see that some clothing pieces are handpainted, and some are just solid colors. This is another area of choice that affects the way you look. The painted area draws people’s attention to that spot. If your face is your best asset, you would want a top that has a painted area near the neck opening. This brings attention to your face, and away from your hips. If your bust is big, it is better to choose a top in a dark color with deep scoop neck and no paint. Combine it with a long coat to create vertical lines across your bust.


Choose neutral colors, you can easily mix the new pieces with clothing you already own. If you want to look taller, choose an outfit in one color only. If you want to look shorter, an outfit in two colors look better. Dark colors reduce size, and light colors enlarge. A person with wide hips and narrow shoulders would benefit from choosing a dark colored skirt, and a lighter colored top for a more balanced look. Go into
silk fabric or fabric samples to see which colors that are available.

Luxurious Fabric:

Do you want a luxurious fabric that is easy to care for, that feels great to wear? Natural raw silk is a great alternative to cotton, and might be just what you are looking for. Go into silk fabric to read more.

Thank you for entering Womens Clothing, Wearytale Fashions. I hope you found the fashion tips helpful. Enjoy browsing, shopping, learning and creating a new you. Look good, feel great and have a wonderful day.


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