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Buy Designer Linen Sarees, Pure Linen Sarees Online, Linen Sarees Online At Wearytale fashions

Wearytale provides the Pure Linen Sarees Online. In 5000 Bc, peoples started weaving the linen fabric from the flax plant. On that time flax plant mainly grows in central Asia.  Linen is one of the best fabric that controls the summer heat. It is a light-weight fabric. Linen was made with the flax fibers, so it makes the cloth smooth and absorbent. It makes the body cool and more comfortable. Wearytale provides the Pure Designer Linen Sarees Online at best price.

Silk Designer linen sarees are also called as pattu sarees. Buy the pattu sarees online on wearytale. Designer Linen sarees takes more time for manufacturing and also worth for waiting. No age group needed to wear this sarees. It will give the fresh feeling when worn it. There are lots and lots of varieties in linen sarees like Designer Linen sarees, Pure Linen sarees, embroidered Lenin sarees, Silk Linen sarees. It is one of the famous fabrics. Silk linen sarees are also called as pattu sarees.

Designer Linen Fabrics:

  1. It is one of the oldest fabrics. It was extracted from the flax plants. Once upon a time, linen fabrics were only used by the rich people because of its expensive.
  2. When the linen fabrics are come to cost, it’s more expensive than other fabrics. The quality of linen fabric is based on the flax plant. To preserve the fiber integrity, stalk and flax fibers are picked by hand. This is one of the main reason for expensive. If all performed well, separating the fiber leaves from that plant makes the task tougher. Mostly, now the flax plants are growing in Western Europe.
  3. Nowadays Latest modern outfits are made with the linen fabrics are very expensive, due to its manufacturing process but its worth for your cost. Linen fabrics that accept most of the dying and colors patterns. It is one of the lightweight fabrics and makes the cloth cool, crisper. It can also wash in the home.
  4. Every product has the pros and cons. Likewise, this linen fabric also having cons. Every handloom clothes make the clothes wrinkle.

Pure Linen Sarees Online:

The natural pure linen Sarees fabrics colors are shades of ivory,  ecru, tan or gray with pure white. The quality of linen fabrics is based on the flax plants. To get the high-quality pure linen sarees fabrics, Flax plants should be fresh and grow well. Pure linen fabrics are very durable and strong fabric.

Silks In Designer Linen Sarees:

In linen sarees, silk is used to give the natural luster. Pure linen silk sarees can lose and consume 20 to 25 percent of moisture. This makes a linen sarees perfect fit for summer times. Pure linen Sarees are sweat-absorbent.

How To Maintain The Designer Linen Sarees?

To maintain the linen sarees are very simple and also needs little care. Linen should take care of dirt and stains, It can be dry cleaned and streamed. Linen fabric is very smooth; It will shrink when it is at high temperatures.

When compared to other fabrics, this linen has good resistance to the sunlight. It also has the good resistance to strong alkalis, other fabrics clothes should wash the cloth immediately or else it will damage the clothes.

Pure linen sarees make you feel fresher because of its material tailored without any trouble. Linen clothes can also wash with hands or else machine wash. Machine wash with Subsequent will keep the cloth smooth.

Why Are The Linen Sarees Loved By The Most Of The Girls/Women?

  1. The linen fabric does not easily stretchable. Linen sarees quickly absorb the moisture and they do not cause the rashes.
  2. There are lots and lots of natural colors available, you can choose it.
  3. It is not the riskiest task to maintain the linen clothes.
  4. It naturally resists the dirt and stain and makes the clothes long lasting.
  5. It gives the traditional stylish look.
  6. It observes the heat as well
  7. It will be softer when you wash it.

Styling Your Look

Girls Can wear this linen sarees for the corporate meeting and daily office wear.  It gives you the trendy classic look. There are lots of varieties of Linen sarees like printed linen sarees, embroidered linen sarees, Silk Linen Sarees. Buy the pure linen sarees online @ wearytale at best price

Printed Linen Sarees:

Feel the breeze in the printed linen sarees. You will feel like a queen when you wore this saree. Buy the stylish and Printed linen sarees online @ wearytale at the decent price.

Embroidered Linen Sarees:

You can wear the embroidered sarees at party times; you will look trendy in this saree.

Silk Linen Sarees:

Wear this saree on Marriage time. Everyone’s eye on you.

Weaving Methods Of Linen Sarees:

Linen is acknowledged as one of the traditional fabrics in the industry and it is considered that it was found in Turkey in 7000 BC. In Indian tale, linen has been stated numerous times in the spiritual books like Vedas, Puranas, and Upanishads and in antique literature.

Bengal Pure Linen sarees have matured as a rage in modern years. The hand-woven Pure linen sarees from Phulia exhibit purity, grace, and charm. Shantipur is the highest handloom hub in the nation of more than 70,000 handlooms giving profession to more than 0.1 million people.

Although a light heavy on the pouch, Pure linen sarees are excellent for the hot environment as it doesn’t stick to the skin and leaves the body to breathe. It is the best texture made from the stalk of flax flowers.

The balance and plenty of material and the traditional look of the Pure linen sarees when paired with ethnic pieces of jewelry make it a perfect blend for making a fashion statement.

In 1783 – 1794 through the ruling of Nadia king Rudra saree weaving was trained. Following, The British dominated the trade through the East India Company and the thread was handspun. In 1920-1925 Shri Durga Das Kastha included barrel Dobby promoting the progress of the throw shuttle to Fly Shuttle.

Later Shri Devendra Nath Mukherjee included the Jacquard equipment and 100 hook range Jacquard was first introduced by Shri Jatindra Nath Lohori for designing varieties during the third decade of twenty times. Regional warping and sizing were presented by Shri Hazare to produce a warp of 350 yards in diameter. Today, regularly fly shuttle looms of width 55 – 58 inches are being practiced in the cluster with 100 to 200 hooks Jacquard.

New warps and more weft and decoration patterns are only probable with jacquards. There are nearby 100 separate weaving associations namely the Kastha, Khan, Pramanik, Dalal,  and all the weavers have excellent weaving professions for weaving saree on Jacquard looms.

The method takes about 4 to 5 hours or more depending on the characteristics of the composition and capacity of jacquard. This Jacquard pattern gives lots of value attached to the fabric throughout weaving. And very often designs are created through weaving by including weft strands by hand.

Linen Saris Bollywood celebrities

What do Bollywood Celebrities like Vidya Balan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and corporate honchos have in common?  They are all connoisseurs of Linen sarees.

Is there any other fabric better than cotton to beat the summer heat? Yes… It is linen,  the all-time wear,  a fabric for all seasons,  perhaps.

Linen is made from flax fibers.  The long staple linen fabric sarees are not only soft,  body friendly,  but also very absorbent.  They keep the body cool throughout the day, better than any other fabric.  Linen Saris have been a great all day wear for Indian working women and housewives alike.  Fashion designers have perceived linen’s wonderful qualities and envisaged many positive attributes as trendy and vividly patterned saris for the modern day women.

The women of tropical countries prefer linen saris to other saris because of its strength, smoothness, resistance to abrasions and durability.  Linen fabric material has the ability to take a whole lot of colors, shades, and textures.  Linen saris are well-received by Indian womenfolk because of its suitability for hot weather and sultry conditions.  Linen has an excellent resistance to degradation by heat.  In fact, it is less affected by heat and sunlight.


Maintenance of linen saris is easy and simple and requires a little care that other fabrics like cotton needs.  Linen saris get softer wash after wash.  It has a resistance to dirt and stains.  Linen material suffers a moderate initial shrinkage and it becomes smooth and lint-free.  It can be hand washed or machine-washed or dry-cleaned.

Linen Sari Prices

Due to the above-stated brownie points,  the linen saris are priced to suit the women of all walks of life.  The price range starts from Rs.1500/- to Rs.15,000/-.

Different  Nomenclature Of Linen Saris and Its Prices

  • Linen Silver Zari Sari – Rs.1,500/-
  • Ordinary Linen Sari – Rs.1,650-Rs.7,000 and above.
  • Linen Jamdani Sari (Hand Woven) Rs.2,000/- to Rs.2,800/-
  • Pleasant Sea Green Linen Cotton Soft Saris Rs.2,500/-
  • Vidya Balan Linen Sari Rs.3,100/-
  • Multi-colour Linen Cotton Burana Sari Rs.3,200/-
  • Blue-Parrot Linen Sari Rs.3,000/-
  • Checked Silk Linen Sari (machine made) Rs.1,799- Rs.7,000/-
  • Bhagalpuri Handloom Linen Sari Rs.1,300/– -Rs.1,600/-
  • Multi-Colour Linen Jamdani Sari Rs.2.500/- to Rs.3,000/-
  • Yellow & Red Pure Linen Sari Rs.2,500/- and above.
  • Green Linen Sari with woven designs Rs.8,000.- and above

Availability Of Linen Saris

Linen saris have gained a pan-India acceptance long back.  Linen saris are worn by all Indian women irrespective of caste, creed, religion and social status.  In fact, linen saris add extra sheen and gleam to your feminity

Due to the popularity of the Linen Saris among the Indian womenfolk and Indian diaspora,  the linen saris are made available in all boutiques of shopping malls,  new generation cloth emporiums in all tier I,   tier II,  tier III cities.  All the wholesale and retail outlets have their online marketing portals.  For your convenient procurement of Linen saris of your choice, you can visit the websites of the online marketers and place your orders.

In a nutshell, we would say that the linen saris that your heart yearns for are just the click of the mouse away.

Linen Sarees for all occasions:

Linen Sarees are lightweight fabrics. The linen sarees are extracted from flax plants.T he Linen is one of the traditional wear for indian woman’s. Most of the Indian ladies wardrobe was filled with the linen sarees. These sarees are mostly worn on function time. This linen sarees are available in many colors, size, and design.

Linen online shopping india

Nowadays online is one biggest Market. When you order any thing, that will come to your door step. Linen sarees are also available on the internet. Tons of website selling the sarees, but the quality is matter. Wearytale is an online shopping website. They selling the linen sarees, that brought from manufacturers. Indians can proudly say linen sarees are Indian saree.

Printed linen sarees online:

It’s the new fashion, the printed linen sarees are mostly worn by the office going, girls. It gives the classy look.

Fashion Designer Sarees Online:

Wearytale fashions have the huge collection on ladies wear. Ladies wear like Kurtis, Sarees, Linen sarees, Handloom sarees, Party wears Linen sarees Suits, Anarakali suits available. Our linen saree price is at low cost and quality is at linen sarees online at Wearytale fashions. We are shipping our products to most of the city, states, and country. We are selling Indian sarees online shopping in Germany.

Beautiful saree collection:

Our saree collections are beautiful designs and give you the gorgeous look. We have checked sarees, velvet sarees, silk sarees, cotton sarees, solid color sarees, handloom sarees, organic cotton sarees online available on our site.

The Pure linen sarees can absorb moisture up to 25%. It’s not only an occasional wear, It absorbs the sweat so it is also perfect for summertime. Most of the women love to wear this Linen sarees. Linen Sarees won’t stretch easily. The linen sarees that are made up of with natural colors so it won’t fade quickly, and can wash it easily.

Famous Celebrity Wear:

Nayanthara Linen Sarees:

Indian Film Raja Rani, One of the famous Indian actress Nayanthara Mostly worn the Kurtis and Linen sarees. She Looks gorgeous in Linen sarees.

Kajal Aggarwal Linen Sarees:

Indian film nene raju nene manthri, Kajal has worn the Linen sarees. She has shown her style with linen sarees.

Samantha Linen Sarees:

In Theri movie, Samantha paired with Vijay. In one scene she asks hero how she was looking in this linen sarees. She looks so gorgeous in that sarees.

Kajol Linen Sarees:

In Dilwale movie, Kajol was paired with sharukhan, In this movie, she mostly wore linen sarees, This is also one of the famous reason for this Linen Sarees reach in North India.

Aishwarya Rai Linen Sarees:

Aishwarya rai is one of the famous Indian celebrity, She started her career in Tamil industry. She is also Miss world. While she acted in Tamil movies, She mostly has worn the Linen sarees and Kancheepuram sarees.

Linen Sarees Online Shopping:

Many eCommerce websites are selling the dresses, But Most of them are not selling the original product(Displayed in Website). We are the exception, We get the Quality Cloth from the Manufacturers(weavers) and We display that linen sarees on our online shopping website.

Where To Buy The Pure Linen Sarees Online?

You can go to Street dress shop or else go online, wearytale fashions are the biggest branded online shopping website. Here we provide the huge varieties of KurtisLeggings, Different varieties of sarees, suits, shoes and etc.,