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 Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

One of the best sarees in India is Kanchipuram silk sarees. These sarees are woven only by hands. No other fabrics will give the best feel like Kanchipuram sarees. It made with the twisting yarns of silk and weaving. Kanchipuram silk sarees are mostly worn at the time of marriage functions because it gives the traditional look. It was made with the mulberry silks.

Kanchipuram sarees are one of the elegant saree and it also lasts for long if you take care of it. It  won’t look likes ordinary sarees and it has its unique style and it will make you fall in love with it, especially, the contrast between the border and its pattern.

Kanchipuram silk sarees are famous throughout the world, especially in South India, Tamilnadu. Some sarees are also woven with the gold cloth. Kanchipuram sarees are worn mostly at the very special event times.

Style in kanjivaram saree:

Nowadays in south India, without kanjivaram saree, marriages are not happening. It is the traditional saree for the south Indian peoples. Brides will look so gorgeous in this kanjivaram saree. This is one of the main reasons for the demand for this sarees.

Wear the high heels slipper with this saree, will give you the additional attraction. Kindly avoid the flat shoes, it will spoil the whole dressing; better go for the high heel shoes.

Wearing the jewelry with this traditional kanjivaram saree will give you the additional impression on you. You can show your style by wearing the jewelry with ethnic wear.

With the modern kanjivaram sareecan be worn with the latest handbags will give you the trendy and traditional look. It is also called as wedding sarees. Most of the south indian marriage bride’s wedding sarees is kancheepuram slk sarees.

Where to buy the high-quality Kancheepuram sarees?

There are only two ways to buy the latest Kancheepuram sarees.

1) You can go to Kancheepuram, saw the seller and buy the latest Kancheepuram silk sarees.

2) Go for the biggest online shopping websites like Wearytale fashions. Here we directly get the latest Kanchipuram sarees from the Kancheepuram saree manufacturers. We give the quality assurance.  If you are not satisfied with this saree quality, there is the 7-day replacement for our products.

How are Kanchipuram silk sarees made?

Kancheepuram sarees are handwoven. It was dyed with the different colors and the silk was woven with the golden color thread. To complete the manufacturing of one Kancheepuram silk sarees takes up to 15 to 20 days with the 3 weavers. The high-quality silk of Kancheepuram sarees came from the only Tamilnadu.

Just imagine, a saree must pass through the generation, the fabric must be strong and high-quality than the other fabrics available on the market. The strength of fabric and variety of designs that makes the Kancheepuram sarees more demand.

As we said before, there are only two options to buy the Kancheepuram sarees, the best option is to choose the online shopping website weary tale fashions. The price is based on its work, design, Zari.

Kancheepuram Silk Sarees Quality Control:

Price is the second thing; we mainly focus on the quality, because it’s very important for us. We give the assurance and won’t deliver the low-quality products. Without you we are nothing. Your satisfaction will only make us grow higher.

Do you know the Kancheepuram sarees will last long or not? Yes, it’s last long more than the years, because of its fabric.

If you maintain it properly, am sure it will last long.

The magic of the Kancheepuram sarees is when you wear it you will look so gorgeous. It is our traditional sarees. You will feel so good when worn this saree. am sure you never forget the first time wearing the Kancheepuram silk sarees.

5 types of Kancheepuram silks sarees:

  1. Plain type with the simple gold border Kancheepuram silk sarees.
  2. Temple border Kancheepuram silk sarees.
  3. Morden Kancheepuram silk sarees.
  4. Traditional Kancheepuram silk sarees.
  5. Floral Kancheepuram silk sarees.

1. Plain type with the simple gold border Kancheepuram silk sarees.
The plain type sarees are very simple with the zigzag border. In this saree, please don’t expect the designs. It looks simple and low cost.
2. Temple border Kancheepuram silk sarees.
Temple border sarees are the looks nice, you can wear this type of sarees for the family function.
3. Morden Kancheepuram silk sarees.
It looks trendier. It has the latest design and motifs. The saree colors will be Eyesight.
4. Traditional Kancheepuram silk sarees.
The traditional Kanchipuram silk sarees are mostly bought for the marriage function for brides. Because in this saree she will look so gorgeous
5.  Floral Kancheepuram silk sarees.
Last but not least. This saree look so gorgeous as traditional sarees. The floral designs make this saree more attractive.

Do you know?

  • The Kancheepuram sarees are recognized for geographical indication by the Indian government
  • More than 5000 families are involved in the Kancheepuram saree manufacturing.
  • It took 15 to 20 days for manufacturing the single Kancheepuram silk sarees with 3 saree weavers.
  • Kancheepuram silk sarees was made with the pure mulberry silk thread.