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What’s The Right Wedding Saree For My Body Type?

Choosing a wedding saree is sometimes felt to be as important as choosing who you are going to marry. Silly, but some do feel that way. A girl dreams of her wedding day from childhood, and definitely through her teen years. At times she may have even picked through wedding related magazines for ideas, and she definitely looks to see what her girlfriends wear in their own weddings. Perhaps she is wowed by some of the wedding dresses that celebrity brides wear, but truly it is even more important to choose the right wedding dress for one’s own body shape.

Body Shapes

Some women are basically pear shaped, while others seem to have very busty silhouettes. Some are incredibly thin with no bust, and unfortunately no curves to them at all. Others seem to be well rounded, and perhaps even more so, leaning more toward being overweight, and thus seek a dress that will slenderize them. Now some ladies have hourglass figures, and others have both a huge bust, an exceedingly tiny waist, and a very large “git along” as some have called the bride’s posteriors. You may think of Mae West or even Dolly Parton while visualizing this last choice in body types.

The Empire Wedding Dress For The Pear Shape

Empire Wedding Dress

Many women fit into the pear shape. Pear shapes seem to fit best in wedding dresses that are called empire wedding gowns. The empire cut is rather simple as it has a high waistline that is actually cut right under the bust. That means that the voluminous material below covers up not only a large stomach, but perhaps large thighs, and some portions of a large behind. Shh, let’s not mention that it also covers up a bride who may just be starting to show pregnancy too.

The A-line Wedding Dress For Just About Anyone

A Line Wedding Dress

An A-line gown goes a long way to cover imperfections in one’s body, and is even very flattering on a very thin body to give the illusion that there are curves under there. It is a simple style and very classic, especially when coupled with a long train.

The Sheath For Those With Curves

Sheath Wedding Dress

A sheath wedding gown will hug every curve you have and it fits best on those who are very comfortable in their curves. If you are 5 feet tall or under, and thin this is the perfect dress for you as it will make you appear taller, if that is something you seek. Whereas a long train can be removed when you go to your reception, dancing freely may be hindered by a sheath wedding dress, so if you plan to boogie like mad at your reception, you may have to rethink this style of wedding dress.

The Traditional Sarees

Wedding Saree

No matter your size, this is a traditional dress that will make any huge traditional wedding a hit. Usually this kind of dress has so many layers to it that the bride seems to float down the aisle which many feel is incredibly romantic. Add full length sarees to complete the effect, and you will seem to be a bride right out of a Disney animated feature!. For Girls Kancheepuram Sarees will gives you the gorgeous look.

The Highly Curvaceous Mermaid Cut

Mermaid Wedding Dress

A mermaid cut wedding dress does just that. It is tight all the way down to below your knees, and then it flares out quite noticeably. To wear this kind of bride’s dress, you should have a near to perfect body, as nothing but nothing can be hidden away in such a style.

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