What To Wear For Engagement Photos?

What To Wear For Engagement Photos?

Next to your wedding photos, your engagement photos are the most important pictures you take as a new couple. If you want perfect, beautiful photos to enjoy for decades to come, you have to get everything right from the photographer you pick to the clothes you wear.

Nothing is as nerve wrecking as choosing clothing for important photos. Let’s face it; it’s hard enough to choose an outfit for a night out on the town let alone one that will be immortalized for the rest of your lifetime. The pressure is intense, but with proper planning you and your fiancé will look perfect. However, you might have to guide your fiancé in the right direction. After all, you want to compliment each other, not clash in a melee of competing colors and patterns – a feat that requires coordination.

Stay True To Your Personalities

Nothing is worse than taking artificially contrived photos that do not reflect your and your mate’s personalities and tastes. If you’re more likely to be seen wearing sweats and tees, don’t rent a tux and a gown for your pictures. Instead, wear a dressier version of something you would wear in your everyday life.

Include your trademarks in your photos too. For example, if you’re both athletes, wearing something sporty will stay true to your trademarks. Another way to show off your individual style is to wear your favorite colors or ones that you wear often.

Use the Same Dress Code

Linen saree Dual Border

Pick a dress code and stick to it. If you want to wear a dress, make sure your fiancé wears something dressy as well. If your fiancé demands to wear jeans…wear jeans. You should look like you’re going to the same event, not like you bumped into each other coincidently after he played golf and you attended a formal party. For Girls Traditional sarees will give the best look.  To Buy the Pure Linen Sarees Online Visit Wearytale Fashions.

Dress for Comfort

Always dress for comfort and wear something that fits. Sure, you may look great in a dress that’s a bit snug when you’re standing, but what if you sit for some of your pictures? You don’t want to worry about bulges while you’re posing. Wear something that compliments your figure in all sorts of poses.

Maroon Flare type Kurti

Dress for the weather and terrain as well. If you’re going to use a rocky ledge as a backdrop, stilettos might not be a good idea. If it’s fall, wear something suited to the season. Always dress for the season and the scenery as well as your own personal comfort. For Comfort dress Kurtis Will be the best one. Are you confused Where to buy the Ladies Kurti Online. You Came to the right place to buy Kurti Visit our product page to buy.

Avoid the Clash

As you know, some colors go well together and some don’t. Two people in one photograph are essentially one person who needs to color coordinate in order not to clash. You wouldn’t wear stripes with checks, so why would you mix and match prints in your photos? Following are some dos and don’ts pertaining to coordination:

  • Do not match outfits exactly. It’s not cute.
  • Don’t wear the exact same color. Instead, wear similar colors in varying shades. For example, dark blue goes perfectly with baby blue.
  • Wear complementary colors.
  • Do not mix and match prints.

Figuring out what to wear for your engagement photos might seem like a daunting task. However, if you stay true to yourself and follow a little sound advice, you both will look stunning on picture day.


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