Kancheepuram Sarees

What Are The Latest South Indian Saree Trends And Styles?

Arni silk 

The popular saree Arni which is leading woven in a tiny spot of Tamil Nadu recognized for its unique pattern and colours. Arni silk has two separate bodies on each side and two another pallus that make this saree look several from others. Arni silk has a pretty common look and shows a rich knowledge of the past

Gadwal silk 

Gadwal silk is determined from a little town called Gadwal and Karnataka. Gadwal saree is quite well-known for lightweight and attractive zari work with hand-crafted margins and pallus. The body of the saree is frequently are woven by classic cotton and edge portion usually made of synthetic silk.

Kanjivaram silk

The breathtaking advantage of Kanjivaram silk dresses has not only gained the heart of south part of India but also acquired the heart of India. The dazzling zari production, bright colours and added quality of makeup have really become the state of south India cloth. Kanjivaram silk is handmade from mulberry silk fibre produced by the silk-worms which is one of the lightest fabric in the entire world. Aishwarya also Shakshi all Bollywood have performed this saree more famous.

Kanchipuram silk

Kanchipuram ladies dress is another unique combination that has moved south India proud. Kanchipuram silk sarees are begun in the town described Kanchipuram in India. Kanchipuram silk sarees is the home of thousand temples, that’s why this place is named the temple city. Kanchipuram sarees continue a comfortable status as because the whole frame of the saree tells a legend of Raja and Maharaja of south India. Kanchipuram sarees have made from mulberry silk threads, zari and beautiful shades. Kanchipuram can be estimated the true indication of south India saree weaver’s creativity.

Konrad Sarees

This Tamil Nadu located Konrad Sarees are recognized for religious sarees. The saree, with broad margins which parade the heavy look and it is deliberately designed for the marriage. Its motifs are like animals and birds, symbolizing liquid and fertility. The common colours like sand shades of browns, greys and off-whites are the true quality of this variety of sarees.

Unnati silks

Unnati silks hold Sexy South Indian Sarees Online. It can be Classic and Solid Quality of Sarees and modern designs are there. It has the Highest handloom Online Buying in India. These Sarees are made of Complete Cloth. You have pure silk markets of Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kanjeevaram simultaneously with other notable areas like Telangana, Andra, Venkatagiri,  Orisa, Rasipuram, Coimbatore, Arani, and some others with their personal brands of silk materials in the Southern division of India and different fabric types at attractive prices

Karnataka  Handlooms

The characteristic feature of this saree is the practice of pure silk and 100% real gold zari (a golden distorted fibre containing 65% of silver and 0.65% of gold). The Karnataka silk saree is important for the simplicity of its silk and a very careful process in its making, which guarantees that every aspect of the sari is complete.

Uppada Cotton

The series of Uppada cotton sarees of Unnati Silks is full, full of variety and blending. Tie & dye works with stripes design piece written or dark brown plain sarees with light woven motifs, trims are multi-colour or zari naksi with temple border a popular design.

Sarees with jackets and capes

Teaming sarees with threads and areas will produce a fashionable and modern look. They can be tested in different ways and observe good with all varieties of sarees. Layering sarees with tunics and capes held showcased in Lakme Fashion Week 2016 and controlled the spectators.


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