Tips for Improving Your Fashion Clothing Style

Tips for Improving Your Fashion Clothing Style. Ever wonder how some women always look sensational without having to work at it? Have you ever wondered why current styles look anything but hot when you wear them? If so, it’s time that you find your own sense of style and learn what types of clothing look best on you. I’m not going to lie to you; it takes work. Women are not born knowing how to dress. The women who get it right have done their research. Now, it’s time for you to do the same.

Know Your Body Type

There are two main body types women have: pear and apple. Each type is shaped similar to the fruit it is named after. Pear-shaped bodies are identified by wide hips combined with a narrow waist and bust. Apple-shaped bodies are round through the middle and thin in the legs. Since most women are pear shaped, you likely fit into this category.

It’s vital to know your shape and dress accordingly. Following are types of clothing suited to each body type:

• Pear – The goal to dressing a pear body is to make it look thinner through the hip. Wear shirts and jackets that extend beyond the hip and flared pants that create a straight line from the hip to the ankle. Avoid tops that stop at the hip and bottoms that hug legs.
• Apple – The goal for apples is to create a narrow-looking waist. Wear jackets and tops that stop just above the hip. Blouses that are gathered just under the bust are ideal as well as belts worn high in the middle.
Identify Your Individual Style

Browsing through fashion magazines for current trends is great, but you have to know your personal style in order to recognize what trends are you and what trends are definitely not you. Online and in popular fashion magazines like Cosmo, you will find limitless quizzes and questionnaires that will help you zero in on your style. In addition to picking out what you like, you should also consider the following when identifying your style:

• Lifestyle
• Profession
• Age
• Attitude
• Hobbies

All of these things define who you are and set the basic foundation for your personal style.

Choosing a Color Palette

Hot colors change season to season, but that doesn’t mean you should go right out and purchase all the new trends. You must stay true to your color palette and colors that look sensational against your skin. To find out what colors suit you, try on different colors and look at yourself in various types of lighting. Good colors will make you look healthy and vibrant. Bad colors will make you look pale or sallow. Once you know what colors look good on you, search for these colors each season.

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Putting it All Together

A lot of thought and energy go into looking sensational. Always pick the types of clothing that look best on your body in colors that compliment your skin. Stay true to your personal style; don’t worry about what everyone else is wearing. After all, you want to look like you.

To create a fabulous wardrobe, purchase a few items that you can mix and match throughout the year. Then, add interesting pieces each season. Before you know it, you will have improved your fashion style as well as your wardrobe.

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