are considered to be the perfect outfit choice when you are looking for a classy ethnic option. As we go in deep into the origin and history of kanchipuram silk saree, it has begun in “Hindu Mythology” itself. Thus, Indians especially, the South Indians knew the act of silk production back from Indus Valley Civilization.

The Kanchi Silk weavers settled in the small town of kanchipuram in the state of  Tamil Nadu. It has 400 years of weaving tradition. It was during the reign of “Krishna Devaraya” who was from “Vijayanagara Empire” that the act really developed and took off.

Kanchiuram Silk Sarees have personified

lustres of romanticized Zari which are

rooted into spirituality

            The Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are very popular for the Bridal Trousseau. The luxurious drape is woven by making use of the pure mulberry silk thread and zari. If you take a look into border and pallu colour, they are usually different from the body.

            The Kanchipuram saree is recognized as a “Geographical Indication”of Tamil Nadu.

These sarees are the classic ethnic wear that aggrandizes the beauty of women. It makes woman look charming and enchanting.

The body, border and pallu are woven separately and interlocked together. It’s said that the joint is so strong that even if the saree tears, the border will not detach. Owing to the thick fabric and deep colors mixed with hints of gold, this saree is preferred for festive occasions and celebrations.

The silk thread that is used to weave the saree is dipped in rice water and sun drilled before it is used in order to increase both its thickness and stiffness. The silk thread is then interlocked with a thin silver wire woven through after which a golden thread is used to complete the procedure. The pallu, the border and the body are interlocked with much precision and neatness.


The Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are especially known for their vibrant colors and eyecatching designs. The designs are mainly inspired by temple scripture and figureness. Since, the pallu and the body of the saree differ in color and design there are numerous variety of contracting shades too.

The border of the saree comprises of motifs from the temples, palaces and general paintings and the body include pyramidal temple design, checks, stripes and floral buttas. When one year passes by, the traditional and much preferred stripes or golden dot designs have given way to more symbolic motifs, such as fruits, animals, birds, the sun and the moon and even stories from mythology.


The Kanchipuram Silk Sarees were initially a mix yard weaves but over the years the more practical six-yard weave was included too. The original golden and silver zari is also now replaced by a cost effective metal or copper zari that manages to hold on to the sheen of the texture while reducing the cost.

Dry cleaning is the most preferred method to maintain the saree. However, if you do have to wash the saree at home avoid using soap during the first three washes. A rinse in cold water is more than enough. It is advisable to store the sarees separately in a saree bag.

This Kanchipuram silk sarees given an absolute grandeur, majesty, luxury and are captivating. It is popularly known for its magnificence. The Bollywood divas are not exceptional. They wear these sarees in special occasions like Deepika Padukone, Rekha, Priyanka Chopra, Sri Devi, Vidya Balan, Aiswarya Rai etc.,

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“Clothing is a form of Self Expression

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