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Origin Of Kurtis

Kurti has been in existence over several decades. Kurti was a popular attire of women of all age groups during the period starting from early 70’s and the late 90’s. Some four decades back, Kurtis had been in wide usage among the womenfolk. The yesteryears Bollywood heroines like Wahida Banu, Vyjyanthimala Bali and Madhubala exhibited their beauty and screen presence with attractive Kurtis they wore.

After the advent of electronic media and information technology the enchanting Kurtis forayed into the southern parts of India. Since most of the college going girls and office goers found Kurtis very convenient. Kurtis gained popularity among the Indian women folk. As the time progressed, Kurtis attained a pan-India recognition. Of late, Kurti has found a place in the wardrobe of the working women, college goers and home makers. Interestingly Kurti has evolved as the most preferred top attire of the modern day millennials. Nowadays Kurtis of different colours with catchy necklines, unique hemlines, collar patters and slits are created by the fashion designers. They are also known as designers Kurtis.

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How Kurtis gained popularity among the present generation women?

The modern day women found it boring when they had to wear the same type of outfits for office or other occasions . Some women felt it monotonous to wear same type of garments repeatedly . Hence the modern day women zeroed – in the most perfect attire Kurtis which are now available in various eye catching colours. Many young woman have come to a conclusion that it is a good idea to try out the differently designed Kurtis. Irrespective of body types such as lean body, medium built body, wiry body, lanky body and plus size body Kurtis are perfect on any type dof body.

Kurtis – One Of The Most Enchanting Attires Of India.

We, Indians are blessed with a bevy of dress options which inspire the entire world. We can flummox the world with a slew of Kurtis in several attractive colours. Of late, fashionishtas are adept in blending the traditional style with the modern trend. This hybrid style called FUSION WEAR wherein conventional and tradional style is seamlessly blended with the modern Kurtis which looks purely Indian in its style and outlook. They are trendy and versatile in appearance. Kurtis in different colours and patterns can warm the cockles of the hearts of the fashion lovers. Kurtis can go well with leggings, jeans and pallozzas.

Fusion Wear

Fusion Wear is the latest style statement of the millennials who can effortlessly fuse the Indian style with the western style. The perfect fusion of the Indian fashion outfit  with the western style creates ripples all over the fashion world. For instance denim pants go well with all types of tops and Kurtis as well. Kurtis are always a class apart!

Palazzos and Kurti

Women’s trousers and pants with loose legs are kjnown as Palazzos. Palazzo is a European innovation which is widely used by the women of other nations as well. Palazzo enhances the aura of the matching outfit one wears over it. If one wears a trendy Palazzo with a stylish Kurti she can create a festive mode on the occasion and she can steal the eyes and hearts of the viewers. Hence Wearing a Palazzo with a Kurti will bring in compliments to the wearer wherever she is!

Kurtis Complement Jeans

Denim dress materials have been associated with us for ages!. Ripped jean pants perfectly complements a
pant spruced up with an elegant Kurti hugs the wearer’s body snugly. Jeans pant with Kurti make a resounding style statement.

Does Kurti Fit All Body Sizes And Shapes?

Of course, Kurtis can flatter all body types and shapes. What is required of a Kurti wearer?
A dash of self-confidence to enhance your look and enrich your persona.
A rustic half jacket over a plain Kurti would ensure a princess look to you. You may layer up your usual Kurtis with long wavy and flowy sleeveless jacket or capers . You can let your spirits flow with your classic white Kurtis perfectly paired with a cool hued ensemble!.

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Be Cautious With Your White Kurtis

Normally white Kurtis are tough to maintain and can stain easily or become yellowish if not aired regularly. So air your white Kurtis regularly and be careful of stains and perspiration.

Kurtis With Dhoti Pants

You can look down-to-earth with a set of Kurti and dhoti pant. Dhoti pant flaunts Indianess and ethinicity. All bottom wears such as denim pants, printed pants and checked pants can make a perfect match with all types of Kurtis. If you wear a dhoti pant as a bottom wear along with your Kurti, you can flaunt a stylish appeal to all. Dhoti pant with Kurti would make you feel and look relaxed and rebellious at the same time!.

Finally You can make a style statement with ethinic dhoti pant along with Kurti. With the combination of dhoti pant and Kurti, you will be on cloud nine!. Next time, when you make it to a party or get- together, give the humble dhoti pant and little Kurti a chance to impress your fellow merry makers. Let all your friends and onlookers envy you!. With dhoti pant and Kurti your dressing goal is headed for the north!.

Kurti With Shorts

Have you ever tried to don the chicest combination of a pair of ripped shorts with a quirky printed Kurti. Therefore This combination will make you the queen of the occasion. Hence this combination is a knock out that blends the run away style with wearable fashion on any joyous occasion!.

Kurtis With Scarves

First of all, you can belt up a scarf along a completely casual and humble Kurti. Scarf makes a perfect match with any designer Kurti. Others just cannot take their eyes off you in your Kurti-Scarf get up!.

Kurti-An All Time Favourite

Therefore online and offline garment market is flooded with innumerable outfits. There are churidars, salwars, gowns, leggins, jeans pants, T-shirts etc. However, the modern day style lovers would like to present themselves as an elegant way. Kurti has become an all time favourite for womens of all age groups. It is a perennial dress companion for winter, autumn, spring and summer. Therefore we would say It is an all time favourite and an all weather choice of all the women.

Kurti Goes Global

Hence The women of Indian diaspora living in the U.S., the U.K., Australia and elsewhere would like to show their style and Indianess with classic Kurtis, literally!

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