Salwar Kameez – An Indian Women’s Outfit


The Indian women, especially the south Indian women have been fond of silk sarees, handloom sarees and the teenage girls have been fond of half sarees for several decades. After the advent of electronic media, the south Indians had an opportunity to watch Bollywood movies like Qyamat Se Qyamat Tak and Tezaab. In those movies, the heroines danced around the trees with their heartthrobs in churidars. So, all women were fancied for the North Indian outfits like Salwar Kameez, Kurtis, and Churidars.

Impact Of Globalisation

After the advent of electronic media and information technology, the knowledge of fashion designing and garments manufacturing have become handy for every woman. Till the late 80’s the girls of south India used to wear gowns, Petty coats, jackets, and half-sarees as their formal attire. On seeing the prettiness and buxom beauties of the Bollywood heroines, the south Indian girls also started sporting and flaunting their North Indian modern women suits.


Indian modern women suits were equally liked by the wearers and also the onlookers. Of late, the modern women suits such as salwar kameez, churidhar, kurti suits have become the favorite attire for casual times and party occasions. In a nutshell, we can conclude that the pan India modern women suits have become the attire for the day-to-day engagements and affairs.

Salwar Kameez-An Indian Women’s Outfit

Historically speaking, salwar kameez was a royal attire of the womenfolk of the Moghul emperors. The queens and princess of Moghul dynasty wore salwar kameez embellished with gold and silver. The aesthetic beauty of the glittering motif of the salwars worn by royal women brought respects from the citizens of their kingdom.

History Of Salwar Kameez

If sarees are meant for south Indian women, Salwars are meant for the Punjabi women. Salwar Kameez is worn by the Punjabi women and the womenfolk of northwestern India and Eastern Pakistan. Salwar Kameez has a cultural and ethnic identity with Punjabi women and the regions adjacent to Punjab.

What Is Salwar Kameez?

A typical salwar kameez comprises three components.
They are:
• A pair of trousers (Salwar)
• A tunic (kameez)
• A Scarf (Dupatta/shall)
Of late salwar kameez has become a popular attire among women throughout India as well as Singapore.

From the 1980’s onwards the salwar kameez has gained a pan India recognition and it was adopted as a uniform for girls between the ages of 12-16 years in India’s government schools. Even on completion of school and college education, the girls prefer to wear salwar kameez even they went out to work.

Post world war II, many warriors from Punjab migrated to Singapore. They were accompanied by their spouses who introduced the practice of wearing salwar kameez to the Indian diaspora who had already made Singapore their home.

In contemporary Singapore and Malaysia, the wearing of salwar kameez is no longer restricted to the women of Punjabi origin. Indian women ethnicities wear salwar kameez which is regarded as being comfortable, convenient, respectable, affordable and flattering to the figure of the wearer.

Modern Version Of Salwar

The modern versions of the salwar kameez are usually sleeveless and tend to be tight fitting and body-hugging than the traditional salwar outfits. Nowadays it is not necessary to pair the kameez with the salwar. If you want you can wear your kameez over western style jeans, skirts or pants.


For many Indian women of this millennium, the salwar kameez is a functional outfit that suits their modern lifestyle needs. They feel the comforts of wearing a salwar are better than that of wearing a saree. The ease of wearing salwar kameez allows a woman to move freely at the workplace. That is why many working women prefer to wear salwar kameez.

Kurtis-Designer Suits

The girls and women of this millennium attach much importance to style and comforts. They might sacrifice style at the cost of comforts. In order to flaunt their physique and sculpted body structure, they opt for long kurtis and short kurtis as per their wish.

Some of the women millennials would prefer to wear fusion attire, ie, kurtis with attractive palazzos. Actually, kurtis goes well with palazzos. It is always comfortable and versatile on all occasions. Kurtis can also be worn with a colorful jacket also. Kurtis with jackets enhances your persona, aura, and elegance of a woman anytime.

Indian Churidars

Nowadays churidar has become an international attire. It considered as an decent outfit for a woman as it covers the entire body. It is easy to wear as it does not require any wrapping or draping, but just adorning on the body. That’s it!.

Cotton and Linen Churidars

The modern day women prefer to wear comfortable and skin friendly attires. Churidars fill the bill perfectly!. Cotton churidars were skin friendly and sweat absorbent. So, cotton churidars are the preferred modern women suits. It is very ideal for a temperate climate like India. Churidar has become very popular globally as the women of Indian diaspora of the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia prefer to wear churidar with attractive dupattas.

Most Indian women living overseas order online for Indian churidars made by reputed companies. Wearing churidars does not have any age limits. Homemakers, Office goers and college girls and elderly women feel comfortable in churidars. Churidars is the most ideal outfit for women from all walks of life.
Nowadays churidars are available as readymade attires in most of the cloth emporiums. Some style conscious people will like to get churidars stitched by expert tailors. Cities like a Coimbatore and Chennai have an innumerable churidar maker who can be accessed for your needs.

Accessibility Of Churidar Materials Online

Several companies were marketing on churidar materials which can buy online and stitched according to the taste of the customers. At the same time, ready-made churidars are varied in sizes, also available online. Churidars are popular in North India and also a South India. Lucknowi Churidars and Patiala churidars were sought; because of the glassworks and also a cute embroidery addition to that.
Nowadays most of the saree clad women are slowly switching over to the modern pan India churidar outfits which are a progressive trend in all respects.
We conclude that churidar has become an all-weather pan India modern Indian women’s outfit.

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