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Traditional Of Kerala

Kerala is familiar for the glittering beauty of its backwaters, mystery behind the greenery, the calmness and purity and the freshness is not only credit for its charming environment, but also to the people of the god’s own country. The fashion of the peoples tells you a lot about the spot. The case in Kerala isn’t any different. If you visit Kerala, you can able to see men and women wearing completely white clothing. It represent purity and grace.  Their warm nature, good natures response and simplicity in living welcomes all from around the sphere.there is an special saree in kerala women’s, That is kerala kasavu saree.

The ethnic fashion of the state is ‘Mundu’ which is wear on the bottom  of the body, below the ribs  to the foot. It is in white coloured and is weard by both genders and It depicts a long shirt or a dhoti. The upper fabric differentiate with genders and age categories. You can see this kind of dress only weared in kerala, Maldive islands, Tulunadu.

There are majorly three religions are existing in Kerala are known as Hindu, Muslim and Christian. There is minimum variations between clothing in different communities. But the basic style remains the same. The clothes for both genders have been planned & designed to keep in mind the place and weather of the state.

Traditional Kerala Dress of Men – Mundu

The beneath fabric Mundu is a white cloth material which fold around the waist. It has a outer-line called Kara which has a multi colour, mostly in golden look. Kara contribute a style to the Mundu by portraying it on the left or right side of the personality . Kara has been embroidered and decorated with ornaments for special functions. Mundu can be also used as a half skirt kind of a thing by tucking the bottom below the rib . Males prefer to do this while doing any exercising physically . The top fabric garments is known as ‘Melmundu’ which is weared like a towel on the shoulders. The white shirt is also worn by male genders of  these days.

In Hindu religion, Males gender’s wore a Mundu and a Jubba for special events. It has been produced of silk and Kara is frequently embroidered. Muslim cultures are slightly different from hindus in  fashion. They wear a hat spelled as Kulla which differentiates them from Hindus. Muslims can wear a Mundu & shirt or sometimes a Kurta and Sherwani are heavily embroidered. Christian men also wear a shirt and Mundu at their marriage events or maybe a Blazer or a Suit.

Traditional Kerala Dress of Women Mundum-Neriyathum and Kasvu saree

stylish Linen Saree        Linen Saree with Green and Silver Border

The habitual look for women is known as ‘Mundum-Neriyathum’ and Kasavu Saree. This contains of a pair of similar Mundus. Most of them  weared around the hip on the bottom part of the body, reaching the ankles. The other wear as topped with a blouse and in one end tucked in the lower Mundu at the waist and other’s is passing to the shoulder and falling to the ground from the back, presenting a saree.

Hindu women may wore a Kasavu Saree or a Saree based on the festival and custom. For weddings, they prefer Kanchipuram Sarees manufactured by the silk and Kundan work & have zardozi on them. The bright colours are preferred, but white and black are avoided. Muslim women wear Sarees or Lehengas for their wedding with a lot of embroideries and golden zari surround the head. Sometimes, purdah is also suited to cover the face. In Christians, they wear white coloured Sarees with white blouses- complete white look  latest trends they wore white gown and make their own fashion attributes.

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