How to setup an online boutique shop in Kerala

How to setup an online boutique shop in Kerala

If you want to learn How to setup an online boutique shop in Kerala, just read the following article.

How to setup an online boutique shop in Kerala

In this write-up on “How to set up an online boutique shop in Kerala”, we discuss various ideas on setting up a boutique online inefficient way. An online boutique business is like any other e-commerce business but the products you are going to sell will be related to fashion.

How to set up an online boutique shop in Kerala, If you have a passion for clothes, and fashion then an online boutique shop is the perfect business. Surveys have shown a 13% decrease in people shopping at a physical store and instead chose to shop online amid the pandemic considering the lock-down and safety regulations. 

It’s estimated that the trend will continue even after the lock-down and pandemic. Therefore its the perfect time to jump-start on that idea of starting an online boutique shop.
And If you were thinking, where do I start?, How do I start an online boutique shop by myself in Kerala. Now let’s get into the ways and procedures on “How to set up an online boutique in Kerala economic environment”.

The very first step will be to pick a NAME for your online boutique shop. The name must be unique, something which the customers could relate to, and maybe
even be catchy. The name should make your boutique stand-out from other shops.
After that, we need to register the online business.

Steps for registering your online boutique shop :

1.Registering your company>>
The first step in starting an online business is its registration. For that, we can do a company registration or an LLP registration(limited liability partnership).
Having an official bank account for your company is helpful in itself and also for GST.

2.Tax registration
All businesses in India online or offline need to have a tax registration. It’s a must if you want to sell or buy any goods. Another
necessity is GST registration. Earlier, a lot of other registrations were needed like VAT, service tax, exercise registration, etc however later only
the GST registration is required.

3.Trademark registration
Maybe we can even go a step further to get that unique name or logo of your boutique copyrighted. So, that other people don’t copy your name and logo.
Which in return helps people to start identifying and relating that name to your shop.

Setup a Business bank account:
After you have successfully incorporated your organization or an LLP, the next step is to obtain a business bank account in your boutique’s shop name.
if you are trying to open an account for a business firm, then a GST certificate in the name of the company is necessary to open a bank account.

setting website for your boutique shop:
Your boutique is like a virtual shop where people come in to see your products. So your website is like a shop that people step in
and wander around. You can set up the website on your boutique shop’s name.

Payment gateway for transactions:
A payment gateway is necessary for any online business. Customers mostly prefer to do payments online through debit cards, credit cards, internet banking, etc
rather than using cash(cod). After you set up a payment gateway, whenever someones buy a product from the boutique shop, the payment directly goes to your
bank account.

Shipping and Logistics:
When someone comes to your online shop and buys something, the product should reach the customer. That’s where logistics comes in. Delivering the product
to the customer in time is essential. You can use courier companies to deliver your products or specialist companies that handle logistics. The important thing
here is to partner with other companies to handle the logistics and delivery.

Storing products:
If you are planning to start small, then the goods and products that you are going to sell could be kept at home itself. If you are planning to go big,
then necessary arrangements have to be made like warehouses to keep the products. Also, the storage should be done at an appropriate location,
so that when someone orders something, the product reaches the customer from the warehouse at the earliest.

Before setting up an online boutique business in Kerala, it is a must to ensure that you have to set up all your business legalities.Set up an online boutique shop in Kerala at ease with steps mentioned above
Disclaimers, privacy policies, terms, and conditions return all of these things should be properly communicated.
If you really need help on all the legalities that are necessary to set up your business, then just give us a call we are here to help you.

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