What Dress Styles Suit Your Body Type

What Dress Styles Suit Your Body Type?

What Dress Styles Suit Your Body Type?

Are you thin as a rail and have to shop in the junior’s department even though you are no longer a junior age wise? Or are you pleasantly plump, and have had to shop in some of the larger size stores? Is it the fact that you are so bosomy that most dresses just do not fit you correctly? On the other hand, perhaps you are simply not shopping for the correct dress styles to suit your personal body type?

Body Types

There are of course just about as many different body types as there are looks, and some simply look better on certain body types. Thus, your first task is to figure out what body type you are?

As this shows you, there are basically six different body types:

Body Shape

As you can see, you may be rounded, diamond, hourglass, rectangle, inverted triangle, or simply a triangle shaped body type. Choose one to see what kind of dress you would look best in.

Rounded Types:

The rounded types look best in something that covers the stomach, as well as any other problem areas. That means that you might look good in jeans or a slimming skirt, but what you wear over it, be it a top or even a short dress will actually cover your tummy and perhaps a larger behind. Two piece dresses look great on such a body type especially if the top part of the dress covers your rounded tummy and behind.

Be aware that you should seek a plunging neckline in perhaps a V shape as that will draw the eyes down if you have broad shoulders. An empire-waisted dress will usually look great as it covers up a plethora of body problems. For Rounded Shape body type girls, Wear sarees, This will gives you the gorgeous look. There are Different Kinds in sarees, Linen Sarees, Kancheepuram sarees, Handloom sarees and so on. Buy linen sarres online at best price on wearytale.

Diamond Types:

Those who have a diamond shaped body will need to accentuate their bust and take away from their middle sections. You will want to add balance to yourself by wearing clothing. That perhaps has a bit of padding at the shoulder, perhaps in a jacket style of dress. You may wish to emphasize your waist, as if it were smaller, with perhaps a differently colored belt, and you would look great in an empire style dress as well. You also may like to wear pencil skirts with a jacketed top.

Hourglass Shapes:

Lucky you, for your best fitting dresses will emphasize your hourglass shape. Thus you need to wear a tremendous amount of sheaths which will easily show off your figure. Nipped in waists were simply made for you. Plunging backs to evening dresses will allow the eye to concentrate on your grand figure, as will plunging necklines. If you so desire. Ruched waists were also created for you, as shown here in this amazing purple design made especially for a body such as yours.

Rectangular Shapes:

The lady with a rectangular body is usually very tall and slim. First know that you must draw awareness of your bust line. Next, be sure to choose dresses that have a very full skirt, yet also has a form-fitting bodice for the best illusion of having curves. The ball gown look is probably best for you in the evening wear selections. You should never wear clingy type dresses such as sheaths which will actually take away any hint of curves to your body.

Inverted Triangle Shapes

This body has expansive shoulders, slender hips, flat bottom and usually has relatively slender limbs. You will need to soften your shoulder’s aspect via clothing. The perfect dress for you will not only be soft, but actually can be called draped style wise. Dresses with a raglan sleeve were made for you. Whatever you do, stay away from dresses that have boat necks or halter necks as these will actually accentuate your broad shoulders.

The Triangle Shape

Actually most women fit this description, thus many different styles are found for this kind of woman. V necklines are perfect for you, as are dresses that have capped sleeves. The V part will bring the eyes down, but the capped sleeves will widen your shoulders. You also cannot go wrong with U shaped necklines, and perhaps a dress that requires a different colored belt will do wonders to emphasize the look of a smaller waist. For V shape body Kurtis Will suits for  your body type Buy Kurtis Online at Wearytale.


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