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Different Types Of Sarees Of Different States

Introduction To Indian Sarees:

India is well known for its richest culture and traditions. In every, Functions and event dressing is matters which characterize your economic identity in the society. In India, Every state has its own cuisines, clothes, rituals etc… Here we are going to share you details about the variety of sarees which is adopted by the Indian women across India. Different Types Of Sarees Of Different States in Indian sarees are listed here.

West Bengal’s National Dress – Tant Saree:

This kind of dress is weaved by the weavers around the West Bengal & Bangladesh. The cost of the saree very much lower when compared to other. It is woven by the cotton and it looks like very light and transparent. Of this qualities, this is considered to be as most comfortable saree in the country.

Kerala’s National Dress – Kasavu Saree:

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stylish Linen Saree

This is also known as settu sarees. It is one of the oldest tradition which is derived from the Indus valley civilization which covers the only bottom portion of the body. Mundum-Neryathum is referred to in the ancient literature of Buddhism and Jainism. The piece of fabric which covers the lover body is call is mundu or mundum. Peoples from Kerala love to wear this kind of dress in onam occasion.

Tamil Nadu National Dress – Kanjeevaram Saree:

It’s a type of silk saree which belongs to Tamil Nadu. Mostly this kind of sarees is worn for the wedding occasion. This is recognised as regional sign product or an identity of the Tamil Nadu region. According to Hindu culture, the weavers of this silk are decent of Sage Markanda. He is considered as the weaver of the god shiva’s dress in lotus fibre. This silk is woven by the mulberry silk thread. Kanchipuram silk  sarees is the first handmade fabric for the women in Tamilnadu.

Odisha’s National Dress – Bomkai:

It is also known as Sonepuri Sari is a handloom sari from Odisha. Origin is from the bomkai location. During the Ramai Dev period, the government has introduced this sari for the traditional lovers. This got famous around the world when Aishwarya Roy who is a veteran miss world achiever who wore in the marriage function. Which was designed by Chaturbhuj Meher.

Odisha’s Traditional Dress – Sambalpuri :

Is a traditional hand-woven dress tie-dyed before weaving? Is the strip of an unstitched garment. IT grapes over the different sides and has four to nine meters in length. This type of sarees first threads is tied before weaving. This garment got popular when the prime minister of India Indira Gandhi worn in government and official programs

Maharashtra’s National Dress – Paithani:

This is considered as richest saree in the country which is made up of gold and silk saree. This kind of sarees are manufactures based on the demands of the sophisticated buyers from various states of the nation. There are three types of fibre’s used to stitch this garment known as Charkha, Middle-Gatta and china silk. The raw silk is cleared with caustic soda.

Gujarat National Dress – Bandhani:

This is name is derived from the language Sanskrit which means ties. This refers to the fabric is tie and dye before the fabrication process. This famous in both Gujarat and Maharashtra. The colours which produce naturally to manufacture this dress. Khatri community of Kutch and Saurashtra carried out exclusive bandhani. The meter of cloth have hundreds of knots knon as Bheendi in local language.

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