11 of the Most Expensive Dresses of All Time

Marilyn Monroe’s Gown From The Seven Year Craving:

Costume planner William Travilla grew up with what’s perceived as the “subway dress” for the 1954 film The Seven Year Itchiness, and Monroe used it in the iconic view. When it was put up for sale, it got $4.6 million, addressing it one of the priciest style items ever sold at disposal. Ka-ching!.

New Linen Saree

Kate Middleton’s Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen

The Duchess’ custom-made marriage suit was one of Kate Middleton’s best 10 style-setting appearances. It highlighted thread created by the Royal School of Needlework. Absolutely. $415,000 is the price you settle for a glimpse as iconic as this.


Princess Diana’s Victor Edelstein

Lady Di dressed the clothes while a vacation to the White House, where she rocked with actor John Travolta. Ever the savvy and generous saleswoman, she sold it off for £100,000, presenting it the most valuable dress ever sold at disposal at the time. It was following traded repeatedly in 2011 for £240,000. Completely worth the first investment.

Amal Clooney’s Oscar de la Renta

The cost remainder of the style marriage dress: $380,000. Chump turning, imagining she and George crossed their visitors to Venice for the weekend.

Audrey Hepburn’s Givenchy

It’s what all other little black skirt endeavours to be. The robe, which she used in the 1961 movie Brunch at Tiffany’s, presented the actress her most iconic appearance and got $900,000 when Christie’s set it up for sale for the foundation.

Debbie Wingham Red Diamond Abaya

If you chance to have $17 million sleeping around, the world’s most valuable dress might be for you. British artist Debbie Wingham, who also provided the environment with the priciest footwear, created the simplistic, free red crystal encrusted black dress that was motivated by a visit to Dubai. Simply.

Pure Linen Saree with Silver Zari Border

Keira Knightley’s Vera Wang:

In 2006, the star wore this custom constructed beauty. The price? $39,000. Pricey but one of the smallest bananas on the table. Knightley following granted her Oscar dress to Oxfam, also they sold it for £4,300, making it all the more important.


Mary Joe Connolly’s Imperial Pearl Syndicate

The cameraman displayed this marriage gown that, today, is deserving half a million dollars. What does it so special? The 100,000 elegant pearls all over it. And it was essentially a dollar a pearl after it cost $100K in the ’50s.

Grace Kelly’s Edith Head

The aquamarine silk company gown she carried to receive her Best Actress cast at the 1955 Academy Awards celebration set the bar for what would enhance an evening of pricey clothes. Composed by Edith Head, it was a steal at $6,500. And showed you didn’t have to donate a lot to have one of the most favourite Oscar looks ever.

The star didn’t go so low funds for her marriage the coming year, however. When she joined Prince Rainier III of Monaco, it was one of the world’s numerous expensive royal weddings ever.

Sandra Bullock’s Alexander McQueen

Bullock used this midnight-blue dress to the Oscars the year she was decided for Gravity (2014, FYI). It took $50,000 and was worth every cent.

Something we can’t set a figure tag on? The evidence that Bullock determined Ryan Gosling back in the early 2000s! Mark out 20 celeb pairs you won’t think were once collectively.

Anne Hathaway’s Valentino

The time was 2011. Hathaway including James Franco was entertaining the Association Awards. The only question we didn’t flinch at? Anne’s red dress, which she dressed for her step up the red carpet. It was $90,000 but that was zero compared to the $20-million necklace with which she accessorized it.

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