Hello! We're Wearytale.

You know how we are expected to look and be all mature and grown up, but then, what’s a life if you aren’t young at heart! Wearytale introduced in foresight to dress the young females with the latest Fashion and Style.We don’t focus on seasons, we don’t focus on reasons; we only aim at bringing fashion that delights and spreads smiles.

Weaytale wants you always look fresh, young and preppy. The Brand has been steadily marching ahead to meet the challenges of the fashion-conscious princess. Its zeal and vision to pioneer is being reflected by an almost self-effacing work-style, where the greater good ensures the individual good.

As a result,Wearytalehas emerged as an elegant trendsetter for the feminine apparel industry. We meant to make a Fashion Statement every day, day by day…

At www.wearytale.com, we don’t go by the rules, we make the rules! Marking new trends, introducing new styles and bringing an end to that boring shopping experience of the potential fashionistas of tomorrow is what we aspire to deliver.

We’re upbeat about making the best for the best! Unique & exquisite is the gospel truth for us. Mixed prints, bold contrasts, clever cuts, out of the box silhouettes and feminine flares; that’s our world! We have no boundaries and we can’t be guided, in short we are the fashion front, bold and confident women of today.

From paper to showstopper, the wearytale team toils hard to make every woman look like a princess indeed. From sincere research, to knowing what the ladies want, to creating and curating looks to die for, every collection is our place.